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Positively affecting all organs and systems of the human body, massage, without exaggeration, is simply necessary for modern man. It is not only the support of well-being, but also the improvement of the General condition of the body, as well as the prevention of various diseases.
Massage accelerates the burning of fat.
Improves blood circulation.
It has a positive effect on the elasticity of the skin.
Improves tissue nutrition.
It helps to overcome stress not only physically but also psychologically.

Salon Spa & Erotic massage "BestMass" offers several categories of massages. These are programs using soft or middle Eastern push techniques, tantric massage, massage NURU. NURU massage is especially popular in our Salon and in Warsaw in General. This ancient Oriental art, performed by the naked body of the masseuse is designed to smooth out the effects of tension and stress, aimed at achieving harmony and balance. After all, for strong male body, female touches and caresses always were, are and will be a boost of energy and a source of pleasure. Of course, during this massage naturally arises sensual excitement and you will experience relaxation, and maybe not one (it depends on the duration of the selected program), but erotic massage has nothing in common with sexual contact and, as noted, is aimed at awakening the erotic potential, relief from stress and achieve spiritual harmony.

High level of service, comfortable atmosphere and cosy environment of our Salon Spa & Erotic massage Warsaw will allow you to find the necessary feeling of harmony and satisfaction. You will definitely want to come back to us again. And you may wish to give pleasure not only to yourself, but also to your friends by recommending them a Salon Spa & Erotic massage "BestMass".


Programs in our Salon Spa & Erotic massage are always complex. Depending on the duration the program includes one or two erotic parts.

Complex massage
It consists of two parts: classical, complex relaxing massage including Thai, Tantric massage techniques. Massaged and relaxes the whole body from toes to fingers then massage smoothly passes to the erotic part and a storm of emotions.
Duration: 1 hour / 200 zl

Massage NURU
The program begins with a spicy Nuru massage performed by a naked body masseuse. After sharp and unforgettable impressions, continuation there will be a classical program which will help to relax and have a rest for a soul and a body and with new forces to return to the second erotic part
Duration: 1,5 hours / 300 zl

Massage 4 hands
Having chosen this service, you will be able to derive double pleasure. Massage in four hands and twice as much pleasure during the erotic part of the massage. In this program, special attention is paid to massage Lingam, it is designed to improve potency, blood circulation and male strength.
Duration 1 hour / 400 zl


Photos of our girls and interior


Dear visitors, Salon Spa & Erotic massage "BestMass" cares about its reputation, staff safety and your comfort. Please read the rules of visiting our salon:

  1. The staff of the salon "BestMass" do not provide sexual services.
    On the proposal of sexual contact, the girl will answer you with a cultural refusal. At numerous offers of sex services the girl has the right to stop a massage session, in this case money for services doesn't return.
  2. We can refuse to visit the massage salon to persons in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.
  3. We can ask you to leave if you were rude to the salon staff.
  4. Photo and video shooting by clients of massage salon is not allowed.
  5. In the salon works Face Control.


We are located 5 minutes from the center of Warsaw. We will be glad to welcome you from 10:00 to 21:00 in our cozy salon Spa & erotic massage.
For order a massage at a convenient time, please call or write an e-mail to the addresses below

ATTENTION! We accept guests only by prior arrangement and time reservation! Arriving without an agreement, you are likely to waste your time!

  • + 48 505 212 467
    + 48 505 212 491
    + 48 505 212 494